Joseph Fielding Smith Chapter 8


Joseph Fielding Smith Chapter 8: The Church and Kingdom of God- You can find 3 movies in the sidebar of the lesson all under 2 minutes.

Study Suggestions

"May the Kingdom of God Go Forth" by President Ezra Taft Benson (previous Prophet and President)- We must help the Kingdom of God continue forward, prepare ourselves, and not fear.  

"Christian denominations the world over have prayed for centuries for the kingdom of God to come. We earnestly and publicly declare: that day is now here!"

"The gospel, the kingdom of God, can prosper only in an atmosphere of freedom. "

"United in Building the Kingdom of God" by Elder L. Tom Perry (Quorum of the 12 Apostles)- While missionaries go away to build the kingdom, we can build it at home.  Seek the Kingdom of God first.  

"What this testifies to me is that we can tell whether or not we put the kingdom of God first by looking at how we treat our brothers and sisters in the Church."