Primary 6 Lesson 11


Primary 6 Lesson 11: Abraham and Isaac- The purpose of this lesson is to learn that we should trust Heavenly Father and Jesus completely.

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Job 13:15- Though he slay me, I will trust Him

Proverbs 3:5- Trust with all heart

2 Nephi 4:34- Have and will always trust in the Lord

Mosiah 7:19- Put your trust in the Lord

Mosiah 23:22- Put trust in Him and will be lifted up at the last day

Alma 36:3, 27- Trust in Lord and He will support you

D&C 11:12- Trust in Spirit that leads you to do good


Lesson Ideas

Abraham Covenants with the Lord- Pictures to color or use as flannel board characters.  

Trust in the Lord- Read and memorize a scripture then do the word search

I Will Trust in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ- A monthly calendar that would make a fun activity for the class to do as well.

We Do Not Doubt- Dot to dot and another scripture story about trusting in the Lord

I Will Trust and Not Be Afraid- Bright Idea poster

Faith in Jesus Christ- Coloring page of Jesus healing 2 blind men with faith

I Have Faith in Jesus Christ- Coloring page- if you think your kids won't like coloring, try bringing old magazines for them to tear up and make a mosaic picture with the coloring page as a template.

My Faith in Jesus Christ Grows when I Follow His Example- Coloring page

Be Not Afraid- Make a picture frame to go around this picture.

Faith- Word search

I'll Follow Him in Faith- Poster to print out

Walk  by Faith- Match the pictures to the scripture stories

Build Upon My Rock- Make a door hanger


Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac- Scripture story, chapter 9.  About 3 minutes.

Trusting in the Lord- A mom talks about how she learned to trust in the Lord.  About 4 minutes.

I'll Trust in the Lord- A music video about 3 1/2 minutes long.

Skiing Expedition- A boy learns to trust his guide