A Scripture Study for the Busy Family

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Do you struggle with having daily Family Scripture Study? While we definitely have lots of great scripture programs for you to join on this site, I found another that I wanted to share with you. I was given the opportunity to review 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family.

I love how Nicole Carpenter set this book up. Each week there is a different theme and each day builds upon the last. So you can go straight to the table of contents and find the topic that your family is in need of right now. The topics are generally one week long so you can easily flip around in the book as you need. Each week includes daily scriptures to read with some insights, questions to get the discussion started, and supporting General Conference talks. 

The thing I really love though is that it is completely doable! If one of your goals this year is to have consistent Family Scripture Study this book will definitely help you reach your goal. The daily readings aren't huge- they are just 5 minute devotionals and if you don't do the questions, probably less than that. That means you can stash a copy in the car and read it during morning carpool (half the battle is just getting everyone together, right?).  If you have little squirmy kids, this book is really great for their attention spans too!

Other places this book comes in handy

  • Beginning of Class- Have your students open each class with one of these devotionals. They can pick one day to read and even a question to ask
  • End of Class- End earlier than you planned? Keep this in your teaching toolbox and you automatically have a way to lengthen out your lesson. Since it is organized by topic, you can easily find something that fits right in with your lesson and more questions to discuss
  • Presidency Meetings and Opening Exercises- Whether it is with the youth or just adults, these mini devotionals are the perfect length
  • Start Your Own Day off Right- Are you personally strapped for time? This book isn't just for a family, it is great for the individual too. Put it on your night stand and reach for it first thing in the morning then write your answers and thoughts in your journal.
  • At the End of Your Work Day- It's been a long day and now you are on your way home. Take 5 minutes and recharge yourself in the car before heading home with a quick devotional
  • Family Home Evening Lessons- Not too long but you can still learn a lot. You could do a theme a month or a different topic every week

You can buy this book on Amazon for your Kindle or as a Paperback. 

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Your Turn- What helps you keep the habit of family scripture study?