Behold Your Little Ones Lesson 1: "I am a Child of God"

Here are a few quick and easy coloring pages or bring some yarn and googly eyes to glue on.  Just right click to copy or save then you adjust them to any size you need.


"Every Star is Different- Children's Songbook pg. 142

"I am a Child of God"- Children's Songbook pg. 2 or Hymn #301

"We'll Bring the World His Truth"- Children's Songbook pg. 172

"Because God Loves Me"- Children's Songbook pg. 234


I am a Child of God (about 3 minutes) This is the hymn sung by several different people in an absolutely beautiful way.  When I was previewing, all my kids stopped and came over.  They loved it! It would be great to just watch or to do a sing along.

I am a Child of God (about 3 1/2 minutes)- Video presentation of the song with people from around the world

Precious Children (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Matt & Mandy are children of God

A Child of God (about 1 minute)- Matt learns he is always a child of God

A Child of God (about 2 minutes)- Liliana realizes she is a Child of God (For Little Friends)

Lesson Ideas

Crowns!- Crowns are fun to make and definitely fit with this theme.  The link will take you to a "For Little Friends" page from the "Friend" that has a crown you can print.  You could also go to a teacher's store and buy those bulletin borders and cut to the right size (I love doing this because you can get great colors and its super easy).  You can also go to Burger King and ask for some of theirs then decorate at nursery (they usually will give them for free).  Of course, you can make your own too!  Some other thoughts?  Put a picture of each child on the crown and paste on the words "I am a Child of God."  Glue pasta or beans onto the crown or get out the stickers!

I am a Child of God- "I am a Child of God and He has a plan for me" coloring page.

Septers- I say this one more for those doing this a home  because septers can quickly become swords or other objects and that needs supervision.  However, its different than crowns and you could go with wants.  Basically all you need is stick/dowel and something fancy on top like a star (cut 2 from paper, put the stick in the middle, glue the stars together) or a ball (styrofoam would work well because you can just poke the stick in and spray paint the ball a fun color then even use some glitter glue to jazz it up a bit).

All Dressed Up-This is another "For Little Friends" activity that would be fun to act out.  You would need some props but you can get lots of little ones involved and having fun with the emphasis on who they really are all the time.  There is ALSO an activity below this article called "We are All Children of God" that you could do with older kids.  It would be even more fun if you brought in a couple of magnifying glasses and copies of the map for everyone to do!

I am a Child of God- This one points out how God has made us each different and given us different talents.  I would use stickers if I could since it would be easier than cutting and gluing but older kids could do that just fine.  Lots of other ideas too that could be adapted for nursery.

I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me-There is a picture frame handout you can print here and then draw or attach a picture of the child to it.  You could hang up the pictures in your nursery room or attach them to crowns if you made them small enough.  You could even frame them for the children to put in their rooms.

We are All God's Children- Here is a different coloring page from the "Friend."  It says at the bottom, "I am thankful to know that we are all children of God."

Mirror- To introduce the lesson or to do with the coloring page above, you could first hand (or show) a mirror around and have everyone look in the mirror.  Ask each child what he/she sees.  Then tell them, they are seeing a child of God.

Visuals to Learn the Song-I got these from

Sugardoodle- a favorite site of mine.  They are great visuals for teaching the song, "I am a Child of God."  You could practice the song with these over several weeks.

Know Who You Are-This is a fun one with paper plate puppets to go with a short poem.  It is bound to at least get the littlest's attention.

"I am a Child of God (II)"-This is definitely for older kids but I like one of the ideas which can be adapted for the younger (but older nursery) set: Pass a ball around to music. When the music stops, the child holding the ball has to say one way they know God loves them.  For clues, you could hold up a picture and the child has to say what is going on the in the picture.  Teacher help would be needed.

Moses Coloring Page- Here is a coloring page from The Friend that you can print out and use instead of the one in the manual but they are pretty similar.

Moses Pictures-There are a couple of pictures of Moses in the Gospel Art Book that you could use as well.

Poster of Children- The idea in the manual is to put pictures of the children on a poster.  Some decoration ideas are to use cotton ball clouds to look like they are in heaven- maybe a cloud per child or even just around the edges.  Or you could make it look like a castle and put each child in a window or someplace fun.  Also you could make a road going up into the clouds with cars with the children inside. 

Coloring Handout-If you want to do more with the coloring handout, you could paste the pictures on to a paper bag and teach the children to move it like a puppet and say, "I am a Child of God." Or you can put the picture on a popsicle stick for a puppet- maybe one on each side just for fun.  Also you could punch hole in the girl/boy picture and string it on a necklace.  Beading the rest of the necklace can be an activity for later as well. 

I am a Spirit Child of Heavenly Father- Another coloring page.

Snowflake Craft- Scroll down for the instructions.  You'll have to make the snowflakes before class.  You can add their picture or a happy face sticker too.  Have the kids color in class.

A Child of God- Make faces with this activity.  Cut out the eyes and mouths before hand and paste or go buy one of those activity books (there are great Melissa and Doug ones at Target for under $10).

You Are Not Invisibile- Poster to use