Behold Your Little Ones: Lesson 17 "I Will Share"


Behold Your Little Ones: Lesson #17 "I Will Share"

Well, this was surprisingly, a hard one to find articles and activities to go with this subject.  So, I came up with a few activities that you can do to encourage "taking turns."


"'Give,' Said the Little Stream"- Children's Songbook pg. 236

"Fun to Do"- Children's Songbook pg. 253 (sing with sharing)

"A Prayer"- Children's Songbook pg. 22


Didn't find any, did you?

These cute kid graphics come from Melonheadz

Lesson Ideas

CTR Game- Take turns flipping the pictures over and matching (or just talking about each card).

Happy Family Game- Take turns drawing pictures out of a bag to encourage sharing the game. 

I Can Help My Family Be Happy- Draw a happy faces next to the good pictures, sad for the wrong choices

I Will Share the Gospel- Make copies of these mini posters and encourage the kids to share- practice sharing in the class or send them home with them

Sharing in the Nursery- Find where kids are sharing

Here are a few kindness activities too since sharing is being kind:

Make a Warm Fuzzy- You can find directions on how to make one here. You could either make a bigger one and have everyone take turns gluing on a mouth, eyes, etc. or make everybody one but take turns with the glue or getting the pieces, etc. You can also tell them when we share we feel warm and fuzzy on the inside just like this warm fuzzy. Also that when you share, you can think of the warm fuzzy and how that makes the Prophet happy as well as Jesus.

May We Be Good Neighbors- A poster of kids playing on the playground.  You can print it out and point out all the ways children are sharing and taking turns

Jesus is a Perfect Example For Me- You could say this picture is of someone sharing the ball or a game with another.  Like I said, it was hard to find something!

Being Kind is Doing and Saying Nice Things to Others- Another stretch but its about being kind.

Helping a Neighbor- Put these pictures in order to show someone sharing their cookies with a neighbor.