Behold Your Little Ones Home

Do you absolutely love the newest Nursery Manual, Behold Your Little Ones?  It is put together just beautifully.  It is great for Family Home Evening Lessons as well as part of preschool! The Introduction is a great place to start if you are new to nursery.  It has wonderful ideas and good suggestions for a schedule and routine for your class.  It also says, 

"In addition to the activities in this manual, you can use games, pictures, songs, stories, and other activities from Church magazines."

That is what this web page is for!

You can find extras for each lesson in Behold Your Little Ones. Children just starting nursery are quite different than children about to leave so there will be some that are just good for the older ones- I try to distinguish when that is the case. Please let me know if these help you or if you are looking for a different direction as I really hope to make these useful to you! Some lessons also have lessons for older Primary children as I have found the resource helpful.

I know some of the ideas seem too old. The problem is that some kids turn 3 in January and at this age 18 months and 3 years is a huge difference. I have had kids on both ends of the spectrum so I included older and younger activities.