General Conference Scripture Study Group

Great news! We now have Scripture Study Groups! Currently, our General Conference Scripture Study Group is the only one available but more will be coming as the year progresses. Why is this a Family Time post then? Because you can do it as a family! 

Challenge your family to do the Scripture Study program with you! It really easy to add to your calendar with just a click of the button. Then either talk about it at home together, create a Private Facebook Group of your own to discuss the talks, or come join our discussions in our Private Facebook Group. (FYI: Private means that you must ask to join and only those in the group will be able to see your posts). 

Its a great way to connect with family spread throughout the world or just on completely different time schedules. Plus with someone else holding you accountable, scripture study becomes that much easier to schedule into your day.

Each Scripture Study program will be slightly different but all of them will contain at least the following:

  • Calendar schedule with each day having a clickable and specific reading assignment.
  • Quotes or scriptures to share or to help start the conversation
  • Discussion threads in our private group throughout the day

Join in every conservation or just one. Its up to you how involved you want to be. As we all come together and share our insights, we will all learn so much more than we could on our own. 

Come join along and challenge your family and friends too!