5 Gifts that Scream, "Mom, I Love You!"

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Are you ready for Mother's Day? If you are still scrambling for a gift, don't worry. The gifts below are just what Mom needs.  

1. A Highlighted General Conference Issue

Grab your May Ensign (the General Conference issue) or buy a new one and start reading. As you do so, highlight the passages that stand out to you or make you think of your Mom. Write your notes in the margins and mark it all up. At the end write your testimony and include a note of gratitude to your Mom. Not only have you given your Mom the joy of knowing that you treasure the gospel like her, but you now have even more things to talk about together.

2. A New Temple Bag

Express your testimony of forever families with a new temple bag for Mom. This mustard temple bag from LDS Bookstore is so cute, Mom is sure to love (comes in raspberry too!). Plan a date to attend the temple together after you give it to her.

3. Time

What Moms really want is time with their children (peaceful, happy time). Write her a note, record a message to her, give her an hour of complete attention (put those devices away). 

4. Scripture Study

Grab one of our Scripture Study Journals and print two copies- one for you and one for Mom. Study the scriptures together whether you are miles apart or in the same house. Find a time each day or week where you can discuss some of the things you have studied. The Study Journal gives you specific daily assignments and questions to get your conversation started. Try our Motherhood Study Journal for free. 

5. Service

Show your love through a service project. Organize the whole event then tell Mom so you can go together. The memories and feelings created together during the service project will be enough. Need some ideas? JustServe.org makes it easy to find a project (not available in all areas yet). OR get the family together to do an act of service for Mom. What is something that Mom really needs? Is there a spot in the kitchen that is always cluttered? Can you clean it up and organized it for her? Are there never enough shelves in her closet? Build her some. Is she always cleaning? Wake up early and do her daily chores for her this weekend then treat her like a queen with this breakfast in bed kit. Whatever service you do, it'll speak volumes to Mom.

Your Turn- What are you getting your Mom this Mother's Day? What gift would you like to receive?