5 Gifts that Show Dad He Matters

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The hunt is on- Father's Day is less than a month away and you need to get a present for Dad. Not just any gift though, one that expresses how much you love and appreciate him. Skip the ties and grilling tools. Try one of these 5 gifts instead.

1. Gratitude

Dads work hard to provide for their families. Sometimes you only see your Dad for 5 minutes a day because he is off keeping food on the table and fulfilling his Priesthood duties. Let Dad know that all his hard work isn't going unnoticed. Sit down and write him a genuine letter of appreciation. Print out one of these free LDS inspired Father's Day cards to help you get started.

2. Temple Clothes

Odds are Dad hasn't bought new temple clothes since he went on his mission. Buy him a new white tie, new pants, or even a new temple bag. It's a gift that shows your love for him and reminds him of your eternal bond. 

3. Cross off His To-Do List

Work together crossing off his to-do list or do some of the jobs yourself. Either way, you are really giving the gift of time together. If you can do some chores together though, do. He'll be able to pass some wisdom to you and you'll both be better off. Grab this personalized hammer to help you both complete the job.

4. Study Together

Grab a scripture study journal and study the scripture together. You can find a lot of great scripture journals on Etsy or use one of mine found in the Market. Set aside time where you can study the gospel together or compare notes at the end of the week. Growing those spiritual bonds together will give your relationship new meaning. Want a fun twist? This activity about the Priesthood would be great to play with Dad.

5. Playlist

Dads need time to unwind too. Create a relaxing playlist to help Dad take a breath before coming home. Does he have a long commute? Create a playlist for the mornings too- record yourself reading the scriptures or performing a musical number. It'll be like you are right there in the car with him. Have little ones that you are helping? Record them singing some Primary songs and add them to the playlist. I love using Amazon Prime for this- you can add in your own recorded music plus some of the Amazon Prime music. Be sure to download all the songs Dad needs to his device so he isn't using up data while in the car. 

Still stuck on the traditional tie present? Jack Franklin has high quality ties without the high price tag or try a new belt instead. These ratchet belts from Railtek are a great option for a nice clean look and are easy to adjust. 

Your Turn- What are you keeping Dad for Father's Day?