8 Eggcellent Ways to Share the Story of Easter

Are you ready for Easter? As Easter nears we write our grocery lists, fix all the decorations, prepare centerpieces, and make sure the egg hunt is planned. Take a minute today to see how your spiritual celebration preparations are coming along as well.

I love the above video from FollowHim.Mormon.org. Two simple words that hold so much meaning. How do you follow him? On Day 23 of our #MyForeverFamily Challenge, we're focusing on sharing and telling the Easter story. 

  • FollowHim.Mormon.org has 3 beautiful Easter videos to watch as well as more resources to follow the last week of Christ's life. Be sure to watch them all as well as share your testimony on social media with #Hallelujah and #MyForeverFamily.
  • 20 Scriptures on the Appearances of the Resurrected Christ- Print out a list of Christ's appearances after he was resurrected and discover the purpose behind each. Plus print out 4 scripture cards to give as gifts or to ponderize.


I also recommend this Christ Centered Easter Countdown. Its' full of activities and decorations for lots of fun and Christ centered celebration.

Your Turn- How do you share the Easter story with your family and friends?