Save Your Christmas Shopping Sanity

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Does the word "holiday" automatically shoot waves of stress throughout your entire body? It doesn't have to be that way! If you've started to cross off these 7 things on your list already, you are well on your way to enjoying your Christmas like a child again. Now on to the decorating and Christmas present shopping! Do you need new lights for your tree or a longer tablecloth because all your cousins are coming this year? Do you need some simple stocking stuffers and Christmas pajamas? Leave the stress outside and shop online this year! Trust me, it's completely worth it! 

You'll Save Time

I can't stress this one enough. The time you save online shopping alone is a gift to yourself! You don't have to drive through the snow to get to the store and fight for a parking place only to find that location doesn't have the Christmas pajamas you wanted! Head to your store's website instead! It'll saves you travel time, from waiting in long checkout lines, and from going to store to store to store to find what you need. You can send presents to family far away without ever having to step foot in a post office. Talk about saving you time!

You'll Save Money (plus Free Shipping)

This is the time of year where online sites have all kinds of great deals! Some sales are exclusive to their online site and they won't price match it in the store so check online first! You can also shop through sites like Ebates and Swagbucks to earn money back on your purchases! During the holidays, these sites often increase the amount you'll earn back too!  They are both free to join so make an account and start earning money back. When you want to buy something, go to Ebates or Swagbucks first then click on the online store you want from their site and that's it! They will automatically start tracking your order and give you money back in your account. My kind of elves.

PLUS many online sites, like, are offering free shipping this holiday season which saves you even more! AND if you use the Target Redcard you'll save an extra 5% on your order (and you get free shipping all year). Buy all your holiday food, paper plates, napkins, and stocking stuffers at with your Redcard and have it delivered to your door while saving money. Well done Santa Claus.



It's Easier to Find Exactly What You Want (Plus More Variety)

Doesn't it drive you crazy when the store you go to has every size of sweater except for the size you actually need!? What about when you finally squeeze in the time to go to the store and they are completely out of what you wanted? That's where shopping online really saves your sanity. Online stores have more inventory because they can ship you an item from any of their stores across the country. Many stores offer more variety of products online too. I love looking at the family Christmas pajama sets at a Target like this Ugly Sweater Family Pajama set! So fun, right? The bad news? If they don't have it online, they won't have it in stores either. It's another reason to cross off your holiday shopping now before the most wanted items run out. Before you write your list though, remember your family needs this from you most. 



You Can Get Extra Help

You may think online shopping means it's harder to ask questions, however, I've found the reverse to be true. When the stores are crowded with people, it's much easier to chat with someone online instead of trying to track an employee down at the store. In fact, many online stores like, have guides already prepared for you. Don't know what to get your 2 year old niece? They have some great ideas for you. Not sure how to make those Red Velvet Santa Hat Cookies? has a recipe for that too. Need Christmas decorating inspiration? They can give you plenty of ideas. 

Everything's More Fun When It Arrives in a Package 

Admit it. You still love getting packages! True, you may already know what's inside but it's still fun to open up and discover it all over again. And if you can't open it right away, no little prying eyes can see what's inside. Boxes keep everything covered up unlike those see through plastic bags you get at the store. And that big, heavy Christmas tree box- yep, you didn't have to worry about fitting it in your car or dropping it on your feet. 

Your Sanity Stays Intact

The best of all reasons to stay in and shop online? You don't get frazzled! The stores get so busy this time of year and people become, well, not as pleasant sometimes. You can feel their stress rubbing off on you as you walk by them. The traffic is not fun and the weather gets nasty. Avoid it all together. You can buy everything from a tube of chapstick for the stockings to inflatable holiday decorations for your lawn to your holiday feast and never have to leave the house! 

Need some extra money for your Christmas shopping? It's not too late to try these ideas!

Your Turn- What's your favorite online site to shop? Why do you love shopping online?