Why You Shouldn't Give Your Children Toys This Year for Christmas

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It's been a long day. All you want to do is sit down on the couch and relax but you can't. There are things all over the room that need to be picked up: toys, books, more toys, trash from the toys. Why in the world do you have so much stuff? How did that happen? And here comes Christmas when everyone will get more stuff

This year, calculate carefully. Do your children really need that item? Will it actually improve his life or will it be another thing on the floor that will frustrate you? There are a few items that I'm giving this year that will be beneficial but the rest, I'm getting rid of. I don't have anything against most toys. In fact I love Legos. My children could play all day with them (and have). However, do you really need a new supply of toys every year? Dare I say, this applies to adults too. This year, join me in giving experiences instead of stuff. 

Giving Experiences

Experiences don't take up extra room in your house. They aren't things you'll trip over in the middle of the night. They aren't things that you'll eventually throw away. Experiences will give your child a smile that spread across her whole face. They do expand the mind and help teach in ways toys never will. They are things that your family will always remember. Experiences give your family the most important thing, time together. Are you ready to jump into giving experiences? Here are some ideas for your next family adventure:

Family Fun Packets

Give your children guaranteed time with you. Of course, you'll spend other great moments with them but plan one special outing together each month. Make a list of ideas and plan them throughout the year so you can have some special time together. Read lots of great ideas for these outings that don't have to cost you anything and how to put it all together here.

Legoland hotel via Get Away Today

Legoland hotel via Get Away Today

Legoland or Another Great Destination

There are only so many Lego sets you can buy before it becomes too hazardous to walk in your own house. Instead of giving another Lego set this year, stay at the Legoland Hotel and enjoy some full size Lego fun! The Hotel rooms are beyond cool and include a separate kid area. There are interactive play areas, a family pool, and a themed dining. When you stay at the Legoland Hotel, you also get admittance to the park before it's open to the general public! While you're in the area you can also make plans to visit SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo. They are both amazing. Save some money, and purchase your vacation package through Get Away Today. They are a family friendly vacation specialists that will save you money and hassle. You don't have to go to Legoland either, go somewhere within your own state. Just schedule time away together making new memories and having new experiences!



Does your child want to learn how to make her own skirts? Do you want to take a photography class? Craftsy is the perfect place to learn all kinds of skills through online eCourses and eBooks. My daughters love to bake right now so I'm buying them a cake decorating course so they can do a serious Cupcake Wars challenge. They are going to be so excited! What does your family want to learn more about this year? Give them the gift of knowledge! 

Disney via Get Away Today

Disney via Get Away Today


There are so many fun things going on at Disneyland this year, you don't want to miss out! Book a room during Disney's holiday celebrations between November 13 and January 6 for some extra Christmas magic or starting November 16, have some Star Wars fun! Either way, there are a million memories to be made and a ton of fun! Don't think you can afford it? You can book your vacation now through all of 2016 and put it on layaway for only $125. Put a little towards your vacation every month with an extra Christmas boost and you'll be having fun in the Magic Kingdom without feeling the huge drain on your pocketbook. Book a 2 night or longer Southern California packet from Get Away Today online right now, you'll get an extra $10 off with code SCRATCHNSNIFF. 



Do you love to run? Share your hobby with your kids and sign up for the Color Run! Not only can you share a great healthy habit but you can enjoy the moments training before the event! Even if you don't love running, this is a great experience to teach your children that they can meet their goals and do hard things. Plus the color run is perfect for those great family photos! 

Local Fun

Don't underestimate the fun to be had while at home! Buy your child ballet classes or go to a concert together at a fraction of the cost. There are so many things to DO together in your neighborhood! We're buying a Nerf Wars package for Christmas- adults vs. children. It'll be an epic battle. We've loved going to nearby castles and museums in the past too. 

There is so much to see and do in the world! Don't waste all your money on toys and gadgets. Get out and make some memories together! They need time with YOU much more than they will ever need another toy.

Your Turn- What are you excited to give your family for Christmas? What experience do you want to give?