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Why #TeachlikeaChicken?

Each week I share teaching tips using the hashtag #TeachlikeaChicken. Why in the world would you want to teach like a chicken?! In D&C 10:65 it states, 

"For, behold, I will gather them as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, if they will not harden their hearts" 

When a hen's chicks are in danger, the hen raises her wings and clucks wildly. No matter where her chicks are, they come scurrying back and she protects them underneath her wings. The hen may get hurt but the chicks stay safe. As a teacher, you are the hen. You are calling to your chicks, or class members, to stay safe. Dangers are everywhere in this world as we continue to battle against Satan and his army. It is your job to teach and strengthen to keep your chicks safe. It is up to your class members to decide if they will listen. 
Teach like a Chicken this week.

Remember as you share your lesson plans, preparations or thoughts with #TeachlikeaChicken you could be featured on our account. Please note- your use of the hashtag gives me permission to use the photo. I will always credit you.

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Find all sorts of Teaching Tips for adults, youth, and Primary.

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Play Mystery Words in your next Family Home Evening! 

Find more great resources to study and use as you go through the Doctrine & Covenants as well as Gordon B. Hinckley's teachings. Looking for help for 2017 Primary? Check out this additional resource as well. 

Want to make your own handouts? I love PicMonkey myself. The setup and availability of free features makes it user friendly. There is a free and paid version. You can do plenty with the free version and see what is available with the paid version as those features are all marked with a crown. 

Study Gordon B. Hinckley

Looking for those Facebook groups I keep mentioning? Get more ideas for your lessons, ask your questions, and share your struggles. We’re in this together.

  • Chicken Scratch n Sniff Private- If you teach Relief Society or Priesthood, come join this group! 
  • LDS Primary Farm- All Primary teachers (and yes presidents are welcome too) join together in this group to share more of your ideas and handouts. 
  • General Conference Talks Teachers- For those 4th Sunday teachers a new group was recently created for you to help each other out. I know online helps are slim but if everyone speaks up, this will be an excellent resource.
  • Come, Follow Me Discussion Group- This group was started by my blogging friend, Heather from LDS Youth Leadership. It is focused on the YM/YW lessons. 

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