Primary 1 Lesson Helps

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It has long been requested that we have lesson helps for the Sunbeams (Primary 1) and we finally do! Hooray!

In each lesson aid you will find:

  • The online lesson link and its purpose
  • Teacher Study
  • Music Ideas
  • Videos
  • Lesson Ideas

Teacher study includes a few articles with each lesson for just you to read. The talks are all based on the lesson topic and provides a way to be spiritual strengthened yourself as well as teach with more power and a greater testimony that Sunday.


Seasonal extras like Christmas and Easter activities will always be in Teaching Tips and Tricks so be sure to check there around the holidays.

If you are new to teaching Sunbeams, check out this Sunbeam Teacher Kit for helps and ideas.

To view the lesson helps available for Primary 1, simply keep scrolling down. The latest lesson helps will be at the top and lesson 1 at the bottom. 

Have more questions or ideas? Leave a comment or email me. If you find more great things, leave the link in the comments of the lesson so we can all benefit from it. Thanks!