Lesson 41: Fasting Brings Us Closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ


The main purpose of Primary 3 Lesson 41: Fasting Brings Us Closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is to understand the purpose and blessings of fasting. 

The following links are to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated. 

Teacher Study

Fasting and Fast Offerings- Topic post with lots of info

"The Law of the Fast" by Elder L. Tom Perry


"Faith"- Children's Songbook pg. 96

"In Fasting We Approach Thee"- Hymn #139

"Because I Have Been Given Much"- Hymn #219 (no words online)

"Bless Our Fast, We Pray"- Hymn #138


Esther- The illustrated scripture story 

For Such a Time as This- Bible video

The Sons of Mosiah Become Missionaries- Illustrated scripture story

Jesus is Tempted- Illustrated scripture story

My Primary 3 Lesson 41 handout packet includes:

  • I Can Fast For handout. You can glue pictures on (cut up an old Friend magazine), have the children draw, or make a list together as a class
  • D&C 88:76 poster- you can kind of color parts of it
  • Fasting Quiz (same questions from the summary part of the manual)- hand it out at the beginning to see what your class already knows or at the end to see what they learned.

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Lesson Ideas

There isn't much on fasting on LDS.org and waht there is, mostlys relates back to Esther so I included a few more things focusing on her. If you find  something else that would work, please add the link and description in the comments below.

Queen Esther- Decode the message

Esther- poster 

Queen Esther- (older classes) Crossword puzzle or use this one

Esther- Scripture figures to cut out or use these ones that you can color yourself

Fasting and Prayer- Color and put together these movable figures

For Such a Time as This- Bright Idea poster of Esther

Coloring Pages

Esther Pleads with the King