Lesson 43: Honoring the Names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ


The main purpose in teaching Primary 3 Lesson 43: Honoring the Names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is to help the children honor and respect these names.

Dive into the first Article of Faith with this activity packet from Hatch Patch.

The following are links to LDS.org resources unless otherwise noted.

Teacher Study

"Taking upon Us the Name of Jesus Christ" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

"What Have You Done with My Name" by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

"Take Not the Name of God in Vain" by President Gordon B. Hinckley


His Sacred Name- An Easter Declaration (about 3 minutes)- Nicely done Bible video about what the Savior's name means to you.

My Primary 3 Lesson 43 handout packet includes:

  • Name tags- print them out on sticker paper and give everyone a different name when they come into the room like Peter Pan or Nephi similar to Enrichment Activity 2.
  • Name coloring page- one with a dotted middle line, one without depending on the age of your class. Each child can write his name in the middle and color all around it similar to Enrichment Activity 3.
  • Don't take the name of hte Lord in vain coloring page (graphic from Melonheadz).

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Activity Ideas

Cross Connections- Fill in this crossword with the words from the first Article of Faith

In This Home, We Honor His Name- put this house together and discuss ways to honor His name.

Coloring Pages

And that's all I discovered. Did you find some other good resources? Please share them in the comments below!