Lesson Helps for LDS Primary 3

Welcome to a new year of teaching Primary!

You will find a few new things in the lesson helps this year! Each lesson aid will include:

  • Online Lesson link and the lesson's purpose
  • Teacher Study
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Lesson Helps
  • Handouts

The Teacher Study section is a place where you can find articles related to the lesson but are for your personal study. This way you can get some spiritual enlightenment yourself and teach with a stronger testimony about the topic each week. 

All the handouts this year will be combined into one printable file. You can select which pages to print from there. 

You may also notice that I don't have the drop down menu this year for these lesson. Basically this allows me to work smarter this year so thanks for going with it. You will find though that it is also easier to click to the next lesson this way too. To find the lesson you need, simple scroll down until you find it and click on the title to go to the full post. The newest lesson help with be at the top, lesson 1 being at the bottom. 

Need some more ideas for teaching Primary? See these teaching tips:

Seasonal lesson helps like for Christmas or Easter can also be found in the Teaching Tips and Tricks page of this blog. 

One of the best tools here, however, is you! Take advantage of the comment space and share your ideas or questions and reply to others. Let's help each other out!