Lesson Helps for Teaching Primary 2: Choose the Right A

Welcome to another year of teaching Primary! Please don't underestimate the importance of your calling. The children in your class need your help in becoming familiar with the gospel and scriptures. You play a vital role. At Chicken Scratch n Sniff, I strive to make your job as easy as possible!  This year, I've also created a new Private Facebook Group, the LDS Primary Farm, for discussing all things Primary! Come share your ideas each week as well as learn from others teaching the same lesson. 


What Can You Find in These Lesson Helps

A couple of years ago, I put together these Primary 2 lesson helps so you can find all the lessons up and waiting for you. However, I am going back and updating each one. As they become updated, you'll see them come back to the top of the blog list. If you want to stay in the know about what's updated and get more teaching tips, sign up for our weekly newsletter, The Chicken Feed. It comes out every Thursday MST and serves as a great reminder to put the finishing touches on your lesson each week.


The most important thing you can do as a teacher is to have a solid testimony about what you will be teaching. Edify yourself each week before you begin preparing your lesson so you're testimony will naturally spill out as your put the lesson together. Each week I'll give you at least 2 articles from LDS.org to study. Usually these are General Conference talks but not always. Make these articles apart of your scripture study for the week and if you have time, find more to read so you have a firm grasp of the topic. As you prepare this way each week, not only will you be prepared to go in any direction the spirit or your class takes you but you'll find yourself spiritual nourished.


When I can find good videos to go with the lesson, I'll share them with you. I only include videos from LDS.org. This allows you the option of using another medium during your lesson. Find tips to include videos in your lesson here. 


Make a playlist out of the suggested songs and have it playing while your class enters. Use a song to introduce or end your lesson. Learn a song as a class. There are so many ways that you can bring music into your classroom. For more ideas, read here.


There are correctly simple handouts for all the Primary 2 lessons, however, I'm replacing each one with more unique handouts to help you more in each lesson. These are handouts that are exclusive to Chicken Scratch n Sniff. You do have to get these approved by your Primary President before you use them. However, I make them based off the suggestions in the Enrichment and Activities sections of the lesson manuals so you can easily implement them into your lesson. Print these out for each child or use a poster as point in your lesson. Have extras after class? Don't throw them away- use one of these ideas instead.


All the links I share with you are from LDS.org unless otherwise stated. I want to save you time and give you already approved resources for your class. These activities are great as supplement resources and to help you incorporate more variety into your lessons. Use a poster as a visual or use coloring pages as a puzzle. These activities allow you to easily choose a variety of methods in your teaching each week while staying on topic.

Teaching Tips

You'll also want to check out the LDS teaching tips available on this site. You'll find ideas on how to use coloring pages, get your class to open their scriptures and more. Each week on Facebook I also share new tips with you, giving you several ideas so you can discover what will work best in your classroom. If you are looking for help in a particular area, ask me live. 

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