FHE/ Primary 6 Lesson 1: Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Us

I put this poster up as a reminder during the week.

Thanks for stopping by! This year I'm really concentrating on my Family Home Evenings.  I am trying to go along with the lessons that my children will be hearing so they really understand these principles.  Below you will find activities to do, lesson ideas, stories, music, and more.  The idea for me is to gather things together then let my children pick out what to teach or which scripture to choose to share during FHE but I control the topics.  However, if you are teaching this lesson at church, it also works great for you as it will have things that you can use for your lesson too!




Primary 6 Lesson 1: Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Us- We are children of God and He has a plan for us so we may return to live with Him again. Lesson plan here.


Genesis 1:26- Made in God's image

Genesis 32:30- Seen face to face therefore God has a body

Exodus 33:11- Moses speaks to the Lord face to face.

Luke 24:39- The Resurrected Lord appears and shows he is a body of flesh and bones

D&C 58:42- The Lord remembers your sins no more when you repent

Luke 22:39-44- Christ suffers for our sins

Alma 7:11- Christ suffered for our pains and sicknesses too

D&C 19:16-17- Christ suffered for our sins so we wouldn't have to

Article of Faith 3 or 4- Believe in the Atonement or the first ordinances and principles of the gospel.

Moses 1:39- His Work and Glory


"Families Can Be Together Forever"- Hymn #300 or Primary Songbook pg. 188

"I Am a Child of God"- Hymn #301 or Primary Songbook pg. 2

"I Know My Father Lives"- Hymn #302

"O My Father"- Hymn #292 or Primary Songbook pg. 5

"He Sent His Son"- Primary Songbook pg. 34

"I Lived in Heaven"- Primary Songbook pg. 4

"I Will Follow God's Plan"- Primary Songbook pg. 164

"The Third Article of Faith"- Primary Songbook pg. 123

Lesson Ideas (activities, stories, quotes, etc)

"Jesus Christ is Central to Heavenly Father's Plan"- Outlines 9 events of Heavenly Father's Plan for quick and easy lesson.

"The Scriptures Teach of Heavenly Father's Plan"- Scriptures that you can match to pictures as part of your lesson.

"What can I do to follow Heavenly Father's plan for me?"- 4 short answers with a poster to print out.

"Heavenly Father's Plan for Me"- Temple Ordinances were restored through the prophet, Joseph Smith.  A short explanation and a Joseph Smith dot to dot.

"Special Witness: Heavenly Father's Plan"- Quotes from Elder Richard G. Scott (Quorum of the 12 Apostles) that emphasizes striving for an ideal family as part of Heavenly Father's plan.

"Heavenly Father's Plan"- Has a parable about sheep and goats (Matthew 25:31-46) and a game.

"I Know God's Plan"- A few paragraphs of the Plan of Happiness and a Plan of Happiness Viewer to make- use a paper towel roll to make it more sturdy. Looks like fun!

"My Life Has a Plan"- Coloring page

"The Plan of Happiness"- A little booklet to make and use.

"My Life is a Gift; My Life Has a Plan"-Plan of Salvation cut outs to use.

"Heavenly Father Prepared a Way for Me to Return to Him"- Poster and Activity

"The Plan of Salvation Offers Me Peace"- Plan of Salvation Cut and Paste activity

"The Plan of Salvation"- The basic questions answered and cut outs with scriptures that can be used to just read or make a poster or mobile with them.

"I Have a Father in Heaven, Who Loves Me"- A good bookmark to hand out and use.

"My Gospel Standards Bookmark"- A great bookmark with "I am a Child of God" on one side and the Gospel Standards on the other side.


New Testament Introduction- About 4 minutes long and goes over the Plan of Salvation

God is Our Father- About 3 minutes, various people giving testimony that God is real and our Father.

We Can Find Happiness- About 6 minutes, 3 people telling how they found real happiness.

We Can Live With God Again- About 4 minutes, several personal stories and testimonies of life after death.

The Plan of Salvation- About 10 1/2 minutes long, the plan is like a 3 act play.  Good real life examples of why knowing there was life before we were here on earth and that there is life after.

Note: We loved this FHE!  We used the Plan of Happiness Viewer from above and the "The Scriptures Teach of Heavenly Father's Plan" for the lesson and the kids loved it.  I liked how it was simple but full of great information (and not too long or too short).  The poster has kept the lesson in our mind all week and reminded us that its almost time for another FHE.  The kids love that when they have the scripture, I have an easy place for them to turn to if they need the help (sometimes the Index has too much).  We can easily sit down and pick one together and find where it is in the scriptures.  After the lesson, the kids had fun using the Viewer and figuring out what each picture is.  Can't wait until the next one!