FHE/Primary 6 Lesson 3: The Creation


FHE/Primary 6 Lesson 3: The Creation- increase our gratitude for the world that Heavenly Father and Jesus created for us.


2 Nephi 11:7- Creation because there is a God

D&C 88:19- Fulfill the measure of its creation

Genesis 1- The Creation

Moses 7:30- Innumerable creations

Abraham 3- Events leading up to the creation and its creation

Moses 2- The Creation


"All Creatures of Our God and King"- Hymn #62, copyright prohibits its use online.

"For the Beauty of the Earth"- Hymn #92

"How Great Thou Art"- Hymn #86, copyright prohibits its use online.

"All Things Bright and Beautiful"- Children's Songbook pg. 231

"Beauty Everywhere"- Children's Songbook pg. 232

"Because God Loves Me"- Children's Songbook pg. 234

"My Heavenly Father Loves Me"- Children's Songbook pg. 228

"The World is So Big"- Children's Songbook pg. 235

Lesson Ideas

Reverence for Creation- Ideas and a cut outs to color and create your own garden.

The Creation-Wordsearch

The Creation-Each Day a Gift- A summation of the creation with coordinating pictures to color. Can turn them into flannel board characters or use with magazine cut outs to make a collage.

The Creation- A different wordsearch

My Creation Book- Print and assemble this small booklet.

Creation Crossword- Scripture references given if need to look up the answers.

The Creation- Coloring page

"All Things Bright and Beautiful"- Pictures to color and go along with the song.

Jesus Christ Created the Earth...- Another coloring page

Jesus Christ Created the Earth for Me- Yet another coloring page.

Heavenly Father's World- A puzzle and coloring activity

Our Beautiful World- Draw your picture in the middle as a reminder to be grateful for the world.

I Live in a Beautiful World- Circle the sense you use to enjoy the creations.

When I Lived With Heavenly Father- Finish the other half of the pictures to tell the story.

Gratitude for God's Creations- Look at the world through pioneer eyes with gratitude.

My Father in Heaven Loves Me- Ideas and a Creation decoration to make.

What Am I?-Close up pictures of God's creations to guess.


Jesus Makes the Earth- A simple day by day video about 2 1/2 minutes long.

The Creation- Quotes from Elder Russell M. Nelson (Quorum of the 12 Apostles) about 5 minutes long.

Jesus Was God the Creator- Quotes from President Gordon B. Hinckley (former President and Prophet) About 1 1/2 minutes.

We Lived With God- A renowned scientist talks about God's creation. 4 minutes long.

Note: My oldest did this lesson and she loved picking from all the suggestions above.  We ended up doing a word search and a coloring page depending on the age.  She briefly discussed some thoughts from the lesson as well.  It worked out really well.