FHE/Primary 6 Lesson 6: Adam and Eve Lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ


FHE/Primary 6 Lesson 6: Adam and Eve Lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ- the gospel is eternal and will help us gain exaltation.

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2 Nephi 25:17-18- refers to the restoration of the gospel

Matthew 17:11- Elias shall come again to restore all things

3 Nephi 16:7- truth shall come again

JS-H 1:17- Joseph sees God, the Father and Jesus, His Son.

Moses 5:58-59- The Gospel was declared from the beginning.

Article of Faith 4 and 6- The first principles and ordinances of the gospel and believe in the same organization.

Moses 6:52- Repent, be baptized, have faith

2 Nephi 31:15-21- Repent, be baptized, endure to the end- the only way.

Lesson ideas

"The Eternal Gospel"- This is a longer article but great.  Robert L. Millet (dean of religious education at BYU) explains the eternal nature of the atonement, covenants, ordinances, and our Heavenly Father's love for all of us.

The Gospel is Restored-Use these Article of Faith cards to go over how we believe the gospel to be the same as when it was in Jesus' day as well as Adam and Eve.  Try matching the pictures to the articles.

"What Do We Hear"- A talk by President Spencer W. Kimball (former Prophet and President) that goes over the gospel starting with Joseph Smith, going back to Adam then talking about our day.  Some good quotes.

The Gospel is Restored- Make this roller box to show the different times but the gospel still being the same.

I"ll Follow Him in Faith- Put this mobile together to show the prophets throughout time (it ends with President Gordon B. Hinckley so you may want to change the picture to President Monson) declaring the Lord's eternal gospel.

First Things First- Four pictures to color and use to go along with the 4th Article of Faith with stories throughout the scriptures.

Like Adam and Eve- Use this poster to show how we are similar to Adam and Even.

Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness- Here's a small booklet to put together to show the whole plan again.

Follow the Prophet- Use these cards of the prophets throughout time (scroll to the bottom) to show the eternal nature of the gospel.

Article of Faith 4- A matching game


My 4 year old son taught this lesson with the Like Adam and Eve.  He did so great for being 4!  I'm loving knowing what my kids are actually learning too instead of trying to guess from their tangent sentences- if they forget a person or word, I know just the right one.  Its been really nice.

"Eternal Life"-  God's Plan explained Answers to: Why are we here, where did we come from, where will we go next. Almost 4 minutes.