FHE/Primary 6 Lesson 8: Noah and the Flood


Primary 6 Lesson 8: Noah and the Flood- encourage to follow the prophet


Genesis 6:13-14- Lord commands Noah to build the ark

Genesis 6:22- Noah did all that God commanded

1 Peter 3:20-21- The flood was a baptism of the earth.

Genesis 9:9-17- God gives a covenant and the rainbow

Moses 8:24- Noah warns the people

Acts 3:24- All the prophets prophecy

Amos 3:7- The Lord will reveal it to His prophets

1 Nephi 22:2- Prophets know by the Spirit

D&C 21:4-6- As if from His own mouth

D&C 107:91-92- Duties of the President

Article of Faith 6- Believe in Prophets


Follow the Prophet- Especially verse 3, Children's Songbook pg. 110

Keep the Commandments- Children's Songbook pg. 146

Latter-day Prophets- Children's Songbook pg. 134

"Seek the Lord Early"- Children's Songbook pg. 108

"We'll Bring the World His Truth"- Children's Songbook pg. 172

"We Thank Thee, O God for a Prophet"-Hymn #19

"We Listen to a Prophet's Voice"- Hymn #22

"The Iron Rod"- Hymn #274

"Come, Sing to the Lord"- Hymn #10

Lesson Ideas

Animal Match-up-A memory game to play after telling story of Noah.

Scriptural Giants: Noah- An easy to read to story with pictures or

use this one.

Noah and the Ark- Actions to go with the story of Noah.

Mixed up Animals- Match the scripture reference to the animal in the ark.

Noah and the Ark- Decode the scripture.

Noah's Ark- Directions for a finger play.

Noah's Ark- Fill in the missing words.

Noah's Ark Maze- Fun maze to do

Noah's Ark Riddle- Do the word search to find the answer to the riddle.

Noah Warns the People- Figure out which puzzle pieces go where and find objects in the pictures.

Noah's Ark Picture Puzzle- Unscramble the picture to discover which animal boarded the ark.

Noah's Ark- Build the ark with a story stage!

Noah's Ark Letter Square- Word search

Noah's Cubit- Explains what a cubit is

Bible Story Crossword- Noah and the flood themed crossword

Blessings Come When We Follow the Prophet- Match the prophet to the teachigngs.

The Prophet Will Tell Us- Cut out the pictures to make your own scene of Noah's Ark.

Animals Go to Sea- Another crossword puzzle

Follow the Prophet- A booklet with the song words that ends on a picture of President Hinckley (maybe replace with a picture of Monson).

Follow the Prophet- Match the words with the pictures of the prophets (includes Noah)

I Will Follow the Prophet- Color page with President Monson

Prophets Speak for Heavenly Father- Coloring page with President Monson and Noah.

Conference Messages- Follow the lines to answer the question: Who speaks to us at conference?

Follow the Prophet- Find the hidden pictures

Follow the Prophet- Fun maze with directions from the prophets

Heavenly Father Speaks Through His Prophets- Modern day prophet booklet to put together and take notes in.

Living Prophets Teach Me to Choose the Right- Put the pictures of the prophets in the right chairs.

Listen to a Prophet's Voice- Make a window story of things the prophets have asked us to do.

Obedience Brings Blessings- Color the pictures of things the prophets have asked us to do.

Truth Revealed- Decode and unscramble to figure out the scripture.

Heed the Prophets- Picture of President Monson with space to write how we can follow him.

President Monson- Biography


Old Testament Stories- The reading of Noah's story from the simplified children's scriptures. About 3 minutes.

"We Need Living Prophets"- Testimonies of why we need a living prophet- almost 3 minutes.