Preach My Gospel Study Journal


Preach My Gospel Study Journal

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Challenge yourself to become a better member missionary through an intense study of Preach My Gospel. This Study Journal goes through most chapters of Preach My Gospel. Since it is intended for the member missionary, chapters such as "Learn the Language" are not included. This journal is designed to increase your testimony as a missionary and challenge you to become better. You will find:

  • Over 100 pages of study questions and journal space 
  • Suggested study schedule
  • 40+ posters
  • Additional links to videos and hymns to further your study

Whether you are preparing for a mission or simply wanting to be the best member missionary you can be, this will be a great resource.

This is not an official LDS resource. It is a journal I made in my efforts to become a better member missionary myself.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be downloading a zip file. You will need to unzip it to open it. Since it is such a huge file, you will find another zip file within it that contains all the quote graphics. You will also need Adobe to open the eBook. You can learn more about getting the free version of Adobe here. 

Yes, I Want It!

This is offered as a digital file for your convenience. Please read the following before purchasing: 

  • You may print this up to 10x for every purchase for personal, family, or classroom use. If you need more copies, please email me for an additional lesson fee (less than the original price)
  • This file CANNOT be given to anyone else. You can give a printed copy but not the actual digital file.
  • In order to own a digital file it must be purchased.
  • You CANNOT email this file to anyone else for the purpose of giving it or sharing it with them. It must be purchased.
  • DO NOT post this file or the images found with it on a blog, website, or anything similar.
  • DO NOT change this file in any way.
  • DO NOT use all or part of this file for commercial use in any way.

Intended use of this Journal is for personal, family, or classroom use. Any abuse of this is not allowed.