More than a Coloring Page: 10 Unique Uses for Your LDS Lessons

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Every week in the Primary Lesson helps, you see multiple coloring pages to use. Coloring is great, however, sometimes you want to do something more. What else can you do with all those coloring pages? If you have already tried these 6 more ideas for coloring pages, keep reading.


Cut up one picture and hide the pieces around the room for your class to find later (under the chairs, tables, behind the door, etc). Or make a puzzle for each child and hide them in an envelope under each chair. Finding the pieces is half the fun! 

Order of Events

A lot of the coloring pages can be used to fill in a timeline. Draw a line of the white board and tape the pictures up as you go. At the end everyone can pick one and color it. 

10 Other Ways to use Coloring Pages while teaching

Story Wheel

Tape together similarly themed coloring pages to tell a story in one long strip. Then attach each end to 2 separate empty paper towel rolls. Roll up the papers so only one pictures is showing at time. Insert into a box that has an opening large enough for the picture to be seen through as well as slots for the tubes. Its kind of like a cardboard TV. As you get to different parts of the lesson have someone roll it to the next one. We did this at Easter at home and it worked great! I had my kids put coins in before they could turn it to the next page. Your kids could earn coins as they act reverently or answer questions. 

Mormon Origami

Go ahead and color them then turn the pictures into something even more fun! If you are in the older classes they can make these on their own with a little guidance. If you have a younger class, memorize one way you can quickly do for everyone. Mormon Origami is a great book to get ideas and works great with a regular sized paper. Try the tie, CTR shield, or even an easy temple.


Print the coloring pages out at quarter the size to make a booklet instead. If you have an older class, let the kids think of the words to go with each page.

Finish the Drawing

Cut the coloring pages into different pieces. Paste part of the page on a blank piece of paper. Have the kids finish the drawings. It's fun to see what the final copy brings!


Bring Bingo markers instead and make dot pictures (make sure you get washable ones) instead. Don't have one? Grab some stamp pads and Q-tips. If you have lots of circle or square foam stickers fill up the pages with those instead.

Magazines or Tissue Paper

Bring old magazine pages or tissue paper that is already cut up in smallish pieces (large enough so if they drop on the floor it isn't annoying). Have the kids glue in the pieces to fill in the pictures like a mosaic.

Stain Glass

Color as normal then coat the pages in a thin layer of oil. You may want to send these home with paper towels. When they put the pictures up on the window, it'll create a stain glass effect.

Flip Books

Challenge the kids to make a flip book starting or ending with the coloring page (Print the coloring page out at 1/4 of the size for this one).


Coloring is always more fun with neat markers like these Glitter and Metallic ones.

Your Turn- What other great ideas have you tried or seen for unique coloring pages uses?